Here are some answers of questions, frequently asked by our customer about (iPP) and service provided by us.

How do I place an order for passport/visa photos with iPP?

Ordering your passport photos with us is simple. We call it a 3 step process.

Before placing your order, please check if your photo(s) can be used to make valid passport or visa photos. Click on "Get Started" button on home page or click here. This link will take you to a page that has sample photos. Compare your photo to those sample photos to see if your photo can be used to make valid passport or visa photos. (If you are not sure, you can always click here to send us your digital photo(s) for pre-approval before placing your order).

After that, we will send you payment link if your photo(s) can be converted into valid passport/visa photo(s). Thats it!

How can I get my passport photos after I place an order?

iPP will fulfill your order in any one of the following ways:

  • Mail the photos to your address on your PayPal order. This is default method of fulfillment. We print and mail your photos. For certain order, $1 for shipping and handling may be added during checkout.
    Estimated delivery time: We normally mail the photos within 2 business days with USPS First Class mail which might take 2-5 days depending on the destination city.

  • We can make your photos available for pick up at your local Walgreens/Target/CVS/Walmart store at no extra charge. However the store will require around 20 cents payment at the time of pickup for a set of 6 photos. To use this facility, please include store address on your order, while placing your order or let us know the address of your local store by emailing us.
    Estimated delivery time: You should be able to pick up usually the same day if ordered earlier in the day, or within 2 business days in most cases.

  • We can e-mail you multiple passport photos on an exact 4x6 print format. No additional shipping charge. To use this option, select 4x6 inch print in email on your PayPal order.
    Estimated delivery time: We will email you the photos same day if ordered earlier in the day, or within 1 business day in most cases.

Please do not ask us deliver your photos in more than one way. If you are requesting pickup at your local store, we will not email you 4x6 formatted print.

How does 'pick up at a local store' service work?

We are glad you asked us. Our 'Pick up at a local store' service is innovative, simple, quick and convenient.

Though you pick up photos at Walgreens/CVS/Target/Walmart store near you, we do most of the work. We use the store only for printing photos. Unlike local store employees, we know specifications for passport or visa photos for many countries. We fix your photos, enhance them for better printing, format them as per guideline of your country and then we put 6 (sometimes even 8 passport sized photos) on a 4x6 inch print format.

Why 4x6 inch print format? No store carries 2x2 inch, 35x35mm, etc. photo papers but, every store prints 4x6 prints! Then we upload the finished 4x6 format on website of your local store (, or and ask them to print 4x6 print(s). We will send you an email at this stage to let you know that we have uploaded your photos to your local store.

We put your name, phone# on the order so you just need to go to the store and pick up photos which are ready under your name. Note that you will need to pay around 20-30 cents per 4x6 inch photo.

Normally in most stores, the photos are ready within an hour or two after you receive the confirmation email from us. Then you can go to the store to pick up 4x6 print(s) with 6 (or 8 photos) passport photos. The photos are separated by lines on the 4x6 print so it is easy to cut them along the lines with any household scissors.

I need my photos urgent. How can I get them quickly?

No problem, but please keep in mind that we normally do not work over weekends so please do not place an order for urgent passport photos over the weekend (unless you have sent us an email and checked with us).

Mailing is the one which causes most of the delays in our photos to reach you. For urgent passport photos, please do one of the following:

  • After you upload your pictures and make a payment, click on this form, give us the address of a nearby Walgreens, Target, CVS or Walmart store, and we will upload your photo to be picked up at that neighborhood store within 24 hours. (You may need to pay around 20 cents per set of 6 photos. )

  • For urgent needs, we can e-mail you back a high quality converted passport picture usually within 24 hours. Download it to you thumb drive and take it to your local photo lab and get it printed on a 4X6 paper for around 20 cents! One sheet will get you 6 copies!

Can I order photos in size like 1x1 inch, 2x3 inch, 3x3 inch, etc.?

Sure. You can order photos in almost any size with us. We can create 1x1 inch photos, or 2x3 inch photos as requested by Medical Board of California for physicial registration on form 07A-100. We can also help you get photos in any size like 25x35mm for India PAN card, or 33x48mm for China passport.

To order custom sized photos, select "ID card/Professional use/Misc Use" option in photo type, while making payment. And write a note in "Remarks" field. We will do our best to provide you accurate photos.

How can I take better pictures at home for any legal applications?

I'm not in USA, how can I get my photos overseas?

We normally do not mail photos outside US for 3 reasons: (i) the postal delay which is from 5 to 15 days, (ii) the chances of mail getting lost in transit, and (iii) it does cost more to ship outside USA. So we have a fabulous system.

For most of the international customers, we offer passport photos in the email. We put 6 (sometimes even 8) passport/visa photos on one 4x6 print format which is then emailed it to the customer. He/she can download it to his/her computer and print it at home or can put on a CD or a memory card and take it to a local photo lab to get it printed. The photo-sheet we email is formatted to be an exact 4x6 print (you can even request us to give photos on a different format and we will gladly do it for you). You just need to get it printed, as it is, and will cost around 10-20 US cents. Once you have a print, cut the photos along the lines with any household scissors and you will have 6 to 8 passport photos in exact size you need!

Believe us - This is a very simple process and this way you can get photos within a day or two, at no extra cost.
(Hint: As you now have the 4x6 print format, if you need more photos in near future, just print the 4x6 print again!! This is like having unlimited passport/visa photos for free!!!)

How secure your payment process is?

Our payment process is highly secure as we are using PayPal™ payment gateway. The PayPal site is highly secure. We use industry-leading technology (such as SSL) to keep your information safe.

PayPalautomatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). Before you even register or log in to the PayPal site, our server checks that you're using an approved browser - one that uses SSL 3.0 or higher.

Once your information reaches the PayPal site, it resides on a server that is heavily guarded both physically and electronically. PayPal servers sit behind an electronic firewall and are not directly connected to the internet, so your private information is available only to authorized computers.

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